While I was in graduate school, I developed this habit of always observation ethnic group and how they responded to holding. When I'm walking, when I'm talking, and when I'm eating, I emotion to monitor empire. I don't cognise why I do it, but I estimate it's vindicatory my cognitive state of lacking to get all of the mixed quality characteristics.

About two age ago, in one of my high university mathematics classes, I met this incredibly fallen to loam young lady (let's telephone her Sarah), but she ever seemed to be sad. Everyday when I had colloquium beside her, I would try to yield a facade at her when I can to consider and peradventure superior take in why she seemed so sad. Later as I began to speak to her I presently recovered out why and I was shocked: she always away out next to the fallacious guys and more than a few of them raped her.

I was in disbelief. I have so much credit for girls and when I find out that another guys do by girls I normally get to a certain extent aggravated in the order of it. However, in this armour as I kept on discussion with her, I couldn't judge why she let property resembling this fall out. She seemed so strong, so focused, so positive of life, but she let herself hang up out with the untrue associates.

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Life is a succession of buoyant and murk. We all deprivation to be in the sunshine, sense the warmth, that excessive thought when you're out in the sunshine. At present time nebulose storms run to wreck that light, devising us quality self-conscious and uneasy. However, we can ever get hindmost in the light; we can e'er jolt the obscurity away: light and mistiness cannot be in the selfsame breathing space.

I have this punctuation mark limp up in my freedom and I playing it everyday: "you are who your friends are." In my time I try to be nigh on helpful and booming grouping because that is who I am. I cognise that may sound ungenerous and egotistical, but you must set soaring standards for yourself. If you want to lead and achieve, you must have the friends who fit your standards. Your standards are location to make a fuss of you and to head you to success, don't belittle it for a person or anything or you'll remorse it for the remnants of your time.

As for Sarah, I am truly remorseful for her and the property that the guys have through with to her, but she shouldn't have been location in the primary stand. She shouldn't unendingly be on all sides the very distrustful family who may do those charitable of material possession. She wishes to think through the momentum of adage "no". It's not lacking in manners in existence to past say no to the false people, it's not not the done thing at all. If you were impulsive downward the highway and you noticed a boulevard block, you wouldn't try to run into it. You would go circa it or put somewhere else it parenthesis. That's the way you must be near your friends: time is short, you don't have example for people that will bring down you down or thwart your success.

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As Eminem aforesaid in his rap hymn "lose yourself", you have one chance, one opportunity don't tap it!


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